Are You Ready to Discover a New Way of Engaging With Money?

As the pandemic chaos continues to play out, our attention inevitably turns to money, the economy and the future and we wonder what on earth is going on? And what will the consequences be, really?

I can’t answer those questions with any certainty, but there’s one thing I know for sure. Whatever happens in the coming months, or even years, we’re in the middle of a huge financial reset. 

We needed it and we got it, in the strangest of ways.

And so it seems important to me to come back, time and time again, to…

The Fundamentals of Money

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • How can I relate with it?
  • How can I make it work well in my life?
  • How could it work well for all of us?

My guide to these questions is my own book, Love Money, Money Loves You. I see it as a playbook for the new economy. It offers a way for you to engage with money that works, feels good, and supports you to do what you love.

It’s suitable for you whether you’re wealthy or broke, love money or hate it, embrace business or are afraid of it. And it always has something new to offer, even if you’ve read it many times before.

Reading is a start, but are you ready to take it higher?

Announcing the first-ever Love Money, Money Loves You Virtual Book Club.

This is a 4-week event, starting January 1st, based around reading the book. It’s a mobile app with a month of daily readings, exercises, reflections, activations and other short activities to help you deepen your relationship with money.

I can promise you that if you spend 15 minutes a day for a month paying attention to money in this way, the consequences will be entirely beneficial. 

I’m recommending it as widely as possible because it’s such a simple way to shift your relationship with money. I’ve seen the results for myself and so many others over the last 8 years – additional income, reduced stress, inner peace, confidence about the future, new business relationships, surprising windfalls, magical manifestations and lots of great stories. 

This could hardly be better timed. If you want to prepare for your next financial chapter and be ready for whatever the economy is going to throw at us, please join the Love Money, Money Loves You Virtual Book Club.

Sarah McCrum

Take one human being. Add a Cambridge University education and 10 years in BBC Radio. Mix in 22 years of training with Chinese Masters. Then combine with a lot of common sense, diverse life experiences and a passion for inspiring leaders. The result is Sarah McCrum and she’s different to anything you’ve experienced before.

After 22 years training with Chinese Masters Sarah experiences the world differently from most and this has transformed her life. She has a passionate curiosity about what makes people work at their best, and an almost magical ability to solve problems through dialogue. Her unique way of sharing peace and happiness touches the hearts of individuals, groups and crowds. It’s a powerful combination.

As a coach for leaders and business owners, Sarah is known for injecting spirit and energy into the whole family as she helps her clients shift perspectives and change their lives through simple conversations. And she’ll teach you how to access your natural superpowers.

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January 21, 2021