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Detoxification and Breast Implant Illness

We live in a toxic world and those toxins have a direct effect on our hormones and our bodies ability to product those hormones correctly. By going through a detox like this you will balance your hormonal system aiding in your bodies ability to function properly.

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Is the Pill Killing Your Future Fertility?

It takes a minimum of 3 months (but realistically more like 6-12 months) after coming off the pill to realign your body and hormones, including knowing what the heck is happening with your menstrual cycles, before your body is even ready to consider having a baby.

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Jenn Sutherland-Miller

Mom Interrupted: A Podcast About Life

The Mom Interrupted podcast is about those important conversations we should be having with one another, but might not have the time for, as a mother. It is a reminder to all the mothers out there that their life journey matters too.

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It’s True: You Might Not Need That Pelvic Exam

There is so much confusion and misinformation when it comes to pelvic exams: what they entail, what they can and cannot diagnose, and how often they are necessary. In this time of telemedicine, people are surprised to learn that yes, actually, I can do many visits remotely.

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A Letter to Dinah About Birth in Haiti

Dear Dinah, I have been thinking about you and all your stories passed down to you from your aunties and grandmothers in the Red Tent. I am on the first part of my honeymoon, volunteering at a birthing center in Haiti.

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