Emotional Eating

Emotional eating has gotten quite the bad rap over the years. Despite the buzz its has created,  it is not …

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Creating a Life You Love: Beyond Emotional Eating

Creating a Life You Love: Beyond Emotional Eating If you’ve ever regained the weight after a diet, you are not …

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9 Characteristics of Healthy Relationships

Apr 2,20by BTRT

Dr. Cheri Wood is one of the experts joining us for the Hormone and Wellness Summit, April 16th, 25th & …

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Fertility and Foods: A recipe for building fertility

here is nothing more comforting than a hearty, nutritious bowl of homemade soup. Not only are soups known to promote healthy digestion, but they also support the reproductive organs.

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I Went to the Food Bank for the First Time Today

Jan 2,20by BTRT

I went to the food bank for the first time today, and checked my ego at the door.

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Hate the Scale? Free Yourself!

Scale~ Love it or hate it? Oh God, my relationship to the scale could make or break my day. The scale …

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