Tools for a Positive & Empowered Birth

What comes to mind when you hear “Positive and Empowered Birth?” When I hear the statement “positive and empowered birth”  …

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On Birth: A Letter to My Children

Birth is to be trusted, to be raw and exposed and in its own timing. For me, birth is naked and like a dance. We danced beautiful children of mine, we danced on the day you were born, and we all sing: “I am so glad you have come”.

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How Breathing Can Impact Your Growing Baby & Affect Natural Delivery

Sep 29,19by BTRT

Is it possible that breathing can impact the position and movement of a developing baby? The answer is YES.

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Letting Go: On the Journey of Miscarriage

This is a story of shared pregnancy experiences, from our excitement from that first positive pregnancy test to the bitter end.

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