Do You Feel out of Sync With Your Cycle? Here’s How to Get in Tune With the Rhythm of Your Body.

We understand the seasons outside in nature; winter, spring, summer and fall. We get that there are times for planting new seeds, growth, harvesting and hibernation. It’s all around us BUT it’s also within us. You too need to honour the various seasons of your own life, your energy levels and of your female cycle.  

Your female body is not designed to be in a constant season of growth, accomplishment, productivity, and getting stuff done. This mode of always hustling through your life could be the very reason why you are feeling tired, worn out, with adrenal fatigue, digestive upset and a thyroid imbalance.  

Getting in tune with the rhythm of your body and respecting the 4 distinct phases that you cycle through each month is honestly one of the first steps on the road to balancing your hormones. This is the case when it comes to working out too!

There are days in my cycle when I can’t imagine having to lift a free weight over my head. And there are other days when my body craves it. But the most important lesson to realize is that you need to respect the phase that you’re in, and to give your body what it needs to feel healthy, rested and vibrant.  

If you’re craving a new approach to movement & exercise that won’t leave you feeling exhausted afterwards — keep scrolling. I’ve created a program that honestly doesn’t exist, but is massively needed…  

Introducing Synced, a New Approach to Movement and Creating Hormonal Balance:

Learn How to Use The Powerful Practice of Cycle Syncing To Elevate Your Energy + Health 

Cycle Syncing is an opportunity to understand the fluctuating nature of your female cycle, and how to best support yourself during each phase. Using cycle syncing and working in synchronicity with the 4 phases of of your female cycle is a powerful process! 

What RESULTS can you experience from cycle syncing? 

  • Your mood will improve
  • Your energy & vitality will increase
  • PMS, breast tenderness, and painful periods will decrease 
  • You’ll build lean muscle tissue and tone up your entire body
  • Drop inches and lose stubborn weight
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Your appetite and digestion gets better 
  • Sleep quality goes way up 
  • Your desire to socialize and get our there in the world increases

The videos inside this program will guide you through each of the four phases of your cycle, and how to honour each phase through movement and nourishment. In your workbook, I’ll dive into each of the four phases of your cycle, the different qualities of each, and how you can expect to feel energetically and creatively.   


During this phase of your cycle, your energy level is up, brain and cognition increases, your libido is increased, you’ll feel more confident and powerful and you’ll be willing to take more risks. You’ll have more energy for a more challenging workout during this phase, so we will train using strength training, your body weight and resistance bands to build lean muscle tissue and lay down new movement patterns for your body. 


This is when your brain is at its sharpest! This is the best time for; communicating, speaking, writing, and putting your project out into the world. You’ll find that your libido is up, and you may feel more sexy and confident. You will still have energy for more challenging workouts, but it’s a great phase to start to shift toward Yoga + Vinyasa Flow classes and walking outside in nature is excellent during this time. 


This phase is when it’s time to slow down, contemplate and incubate. It’s the best time to decrease your obligations and prune a busy schedule and to re-evaluate what you’ve been saying yes to. Also a time to prioritize sleep!! Movement wise, this is when we will reduce the heaviness and increase the repetitions instead. Pilates + Yoga is great during this phase and walking outdoors in nature is highly recommended.


This is a great time for journaling and more introspection. It’s the best time of the month to assess what’s working or not working in your day to day life. It’s a time to tune into your intuition, get grounded, quiet and withdrawn from social interactions so you can tune into yourself. This is when your movement switches to more walking, Yoga Tune Up therapy ball work, restorative yoga, deep breathing practice and meditation. 

Want to learn more? 

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Jenn Pike

Jenn Pike is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Women’s Hormone Expert, Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Medical Exercise Specialist, Bestselling author and host of the podcast The Simplicity Sessions.

She specializes in women’s health + hormones. As an inspired Mom of two, she understands that true wellbeing is a journey to be enjoyed, NOT a struggle to be forced. Jenn aims to inspire you to cut the B.S, and help you to create more Simplicity and Ease in all you do.

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January 21, 2021