Healing with Your Feminine Wisdom: Are You Listening to Your Women’s Intuition?

Healing with Your Feminine Wisdom: Are You Listening to Your Women’s Intuition?

The ultimate healer is within you. Discover the great wisdom of your body by listening to the guidance that comes from within.

As women, we naturally have a deep connection with our bodies ~ a heart-centered feminine wisdom that guides us to health, passion, and sustained well-being. Though all people have intuition, the female body has its own special way of speaking to us throughout the evolutionary stages of our life.

No matter what your age is, a kind of “physical intuition” allows you to connect with the rhythms and requirements of your body. It guides you softly, gently from within — moving you towards what is good for you, and away from what is not. It tells you what foods your body needs; it guides you to the exercises that make you stronger, the health regimens that strengthen your immune system, and the medicines you need to heal. 

Listening to your Physical Intuition is one of the keys to living in harmony with your body — and your life. Living in alignment with this sacred inner wisdom gives you the energy you need to live a vibrant, healthy, and passionate life. When you nurture yourself holistically, using the flow of your inner power to charge your physical body, you open space to embody the well-being we all crave.

Physical Intuition is the embodiment of our matter-energy connection.

When we feel disconnected from our bodies, both physically and intuitively, our lives can easily slip out of balance. Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, weight gain, sleeplessness — all of these are signs that we are intuitively out of synch with the fundamental aspect of our existence, our bodies.

In my new book, Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power, I talk about Physical Intuition — and what a difference it can make in our journey to well-being. If you are ready to forge a deeper intuitive connection with your own body, here is how to get started now:

“The body itself is your most powerful intuitive tool. It is an antenna that enables you to receive and translate information through the superconscious connection within you. You are wired for it. The more you tune in to your physical body, the more at- tuned you become to this inner, intuitive frequency.

This sense of well-being is the signature of a healthy Physical Intuition; from it arises your ability to harness the inner power of the greatest “technology” ever created — your body.

Your relationship with your body is directly related to your relationship with your intuition.

When you feel deeply connected to your body — regardless of age, physical ailments, body type, or gender — you move into alignment with the real you, the whole you. This alignment creates a conductive environment for the flow of energy through your inner antenna, instead of blocking that flow with resistance or dissonance. When you accept your body and honor its wisdom, you open to the consciousness- transforming wisdom that heals your life.

For centuries, great yogis and mystics have understood the deep connection between the physical and energetic systems of the body. Ancient practices like yoga, Qigong, martial arts, and Tai Chi were designed to foster and enhance the cooperation of these two complementary expressions of our essence. Similarly, scientific geniuses and scholars of our day have also realized the complementary nature of matter and energy — and how deeply interconnected they are in this world.

When the body’s physical and energetic dynamic is balanced and strong, intuition thrives.

In this state, we can tune our intuitive antenna to the highest frequencies.

Because of the importance of creating a vibrant, attuned physical body, the archetype of the first pathway of intuition is “the Healer.” Before we can grow and evolve, we must heal. We intuitively heal our body, we intuitively heal our life, and then we intuitively heal the world around us. As Healers, vitalizing intuitive energy naturally flows through us, giving us the capacity to facilitate evolutionary healing in all we touch and do.

Your body is a gift from the universe, giving you the power to interact with the world outside and inside of you. A masterpiece of interwoven energy frequencies designed for you to experience and share in existence, Physical Intuition is the medium that joins your outer, physical reality with the inner, quantum reality.

The pathway of Physical Intuition is where extraordinary insight begins. It is the touchpoint of our temporal and timeless being, the evolutionary dance of energy and matter. We think that we “are” our physical bodies, but we are so much more than our physical bodies. We are material, but we are also powerfully immaterial. With our conscious, physical being, we can touch the three-dimensional space and time of physical reality; with our superconscious, intuitive being, we can touch the timeless, transcendent reality. 


  • Sleeplessness
  • Getting Sick
  • Falls
  • Injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic illness

The Purpose in Your Pain

To really move beyond our physical blockages, we need to get to the root of them. Real healing is the rebalancing that takes place in our intuitive consciousness. Keeping our bodies shipshape is not enough; we need to keep our hearts and minds in shape, too.

The subtle energies of our thoughts and emotions are the source of the energetic backups that manifest as a physical imbalance.

When you live, act, and choose in accordance with your inner guidance, you are living up to your full potential.

You express your real self. You step into your power. When you don’t follow your inner guidance, you go against yourself. You sabotage yourself on an unconscious level. You literally block yourself.

To fully heal and unblock, we need to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What should I be doing differently in my life?
  • What am I repressing or holding back?
  • What vital parts of myself am I denying for the sake of others?
  • How am I going against my real self?
  • What change am I resisting?
  • What past experiences can’t I move past?

What, deep within us, is holding us back from going with the natural unfolding of our life? The universe, our intuition, our bodies are all giving us hints about what we need and what we need to do. This resistance to life is at the core of our suffering, on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. When we honestly answer questions like these, we take the first steps in freeing ourselves from our self-imposed limitations.

This is the first step toward healing on all levels: True, lasting healing results from intuitively understanding the root of the problem to be healed. Intuitive revelation is the catalyst that puts the ultimate healing shift into motion. It lifts the veil; it shows us what we have been unable to see — the real meaning behind it all.

You can start listening more deeply to your body right now.

You can listen to the way it talks to you through your physical feelings and senses, and you can listen to the way it intuitively talks to you through your gut feelings and supersenses. With these forces combined, with Physical Intuition, you can be unstoppable. You have all that you need to create a life of well-being — and the flourishing intuitive connection that fuels that well-being.”

To go deeper into listening to your inner wisdom and reconnecting with your body, you can use the dedicated workshops, meditations, and practices in Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power, The book comes with a free Radical Intuition Toolkit with Insight Cards, printable workshops, journals, music, quizzes and much more!

Excerpted with permission from the book Radical Intuition. Copyright ©2020 by Kim Chestney, New World Library

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Kim Chestney is the author of Radical Intuition. A globally recognized innovation leader and the founder of Intuition Lab, her work has been supported by leading-edge organizations around the world. She serves a thriving global intuition development community with online courses, live workshops, and destination retreats. Visit her at www.kimchestney.com

January 21, 2021