How Mineral and Metal Balance Affects Hormone Health

Amanda Leigh is one of the experts joining us for the Hormone and Wellness Summit, April 16th, 25th & 30th. She’ll be talking about non-pharmaceutical options for contraception. Join us!

Do you know how mineral and metal balance affects your hormone health? 

Did you know that if you don’t have the right mineral balance in your body you won’t be making the right hormones? 

Did you know that if you have metals accumulating in your body they are potentially causing illness, both mental and physical? 

Have you had your mineral or metals quantities tested?

Do you know what the minerals in your body are doing, both good and bad?

Listen to Amanda share the basics of what you need to know! Then, register for her 3 Step Hormone Makeover Kit!

Register to join us for the Hormone and Wellness Summit, April 16th, 25th & 30th!

Amanda Leigh

Amanda is a Health Happiness and Hormone coach, Hair Mineral Analysis Expert and the owner of Sozo Method.

She has helped women since 2012 transform from the inside out through balancing their hormones, becoming emotionally fit, and doing the inner work to become the best versions of themselves.

She has a background in women’s wellness and fitness as both a health fitness coach, and associate health and wellness director of the YMCA. With a BS in Women’s Studies, CF Level One, Hormone Cure certification, Hair Mineral Analysis Masters training  and functional testing training in the GI MAP she helps woman balance their bodies, minds, and souls to be fully well.

January 21, 2021