Let’s talk about ALIGNMENT

Let’s talk about ALIGNMENT.

The ESSENTIAL trick to getting into true ALIGNMENT is to FEEL good.

Sounds too simple doesn’t it?

Well it’s not. It really isn’t.

The conventional approach to building a business is normally about hustle and grind, grind and hustle.. go go go .. get it, get it,  get it…. which is so masculine right?

But what about embracing the beautiful process of ALIGNMENT, trusting your intuition and going about things in a way that makes you FEEL good, that embrace your feminine energy?

The clients that I work with don’t approach me for help with mini funnels, Facebook ads or complex tripwire strategies…  the number one thing they wanted help with is CONFIDENCE and CLARITY. 

They want to feel better about themselves because they know it has a direct impact on the bottom line of their business + income.

If you’re FEELING like you’re not good enough, that you’re not elevating your PURPOSE, that you’re not rocking out your mission, your life and biz will reflect that. 

Getting down and dirty working together with women, I’m seeing women want to be UNDERSTOOD and want to UNDERSTAND themselves better. They want to KNOW what’s holding them back.  They want to OVERCOME their inner blocks and they want to UNLEASH their passion! 

They want to FEEL good!

Is this you?

If so,  what you’re craving is ALIGNMENT – 360 alignment!

So how do you  make it happen?

Well, when you think good thoughts and feel confident, you operate from a grounded centre in your biz.

When you shoot from the hip and are not second guessing your ability or talents, you show up on FIRE. 

You create magic.

You create killer content, creative ideas flow and your fingers can’t type quickly enough when you’re writing a new post or newsletter. 

You reach out and make new connections, your Facebook posts are on fire and your videos get noticed.

 Ultimately you’re not scared, you’re operating in your ZONE OF GENIUS.

And your energy is being matched by the universe.


Being in heart centered alignment is all about connecting the dots in how to FEEL good more often.

But how do you get there? By connecting your mission, your purpose, your joy, sharing your talents/services and then embracing it all in way that activates your soul.

It is such a powerful place to build a business from, when you can CREATE from an empowered internal state – without the resistance, without the internal struggles but with grace and ease. 

It may not be that way every day but hell… it’s a great state to work towards right?

I made up a little affirmation for this which is a gentle reminder to work in Flow and Alignment with your most focused energy.

“I can create when I feel great”…yes, you can have it;)

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Jo Valentina Sinclair is a transformation  &  success coach / NLP Practitioner, facilitator  and speaker.

Founder of Create Your Own Story, a  coaching, training and mentoring service for ambitious and driven women.

If you’re struggling to get into alignment with your biz or this resonates, feel free to DM me, I’m really passionate about empowering women to do what they love and make money on their own terms so they can  move into £5-10K months and leave their corporate jobs if still in a 9-5pm.

In my Create Your Own Story 90day coaching programme I work with my clients to help them with the confidence and exact steps to turn their passion and expertise into a soulpurposed coaching/consulting business in an aligned way

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January 21, 2021