Mom Interrupted: A Podcast About Life

Mom Interrupted is a podcast with a vision…

Towards healing, and reparenting ourselves while showing up in an authentic and connected way for our children. My name is Courtney Peritore-Montagne and I have created this vision by reflecting on my own life experience. As a homeschooling, home-birthing mother of five, I feel called to help women connect on a deep level with themselves so they can parent from this place of deep and reverent connection.

This podcast offers a safe place to have those conversations that help us grow, heal,
and evolve. I select guests that have healing practices and wisdom to share with my listeners as they travel down the road of motherhood. Sometimes it is parenting tips and tricks and other times it is focused on self growth and healing. I would like to help as many women as possible honor their own journey while still showing up as a conscious connected parent.

The name Mom Interrupted sums up my own journey.

This podcast is about those important conversations we should be having with one another, but might not have the time for, as a mother. It is a reminder to all the mothers out there that their life journey matters too. As a parent with young children there were so many occasions when my friends and I would be stopped mid-sentence with a “crisis” of one type or another. Weeks would go by after these interruptions and we would remember the conversation we had never gotten to finish. This podcast offers these important conversations to a wider audience to create community and support for all those interrupted mommas.

The true inspiration behind my offering was the parallel between these past interrupted conversations and my own interrupted self growth. I thought to be the best most tuned in mom, I had to forget about my own hopes, dreams, and desires. I used to believe that what I wanted didn’t really matter as long as the rest of the family was happy. I want to offer the truth to my listeners, as we grow and heal ourselves we can actually improve our relationship with our child. We can become more for our family by constantly becoming more for ourselves.

Does it mean I am less of a mother, wife, or women if I fully embrace my own soul’s journey?

For a long time I thought being and giving my all to my family was true unconditional love. The question I was left with was “who is caring for you?”

I came to the realization that it was my ultimate responsibility to heal my past, embrace my present, and dream the future I desired. In this process I could ultimately be a better mother, wife, and a true embodiment of the women I came here to be. I began to put myself at the top of my list with the realization that being selfish is actually the best way to be selfless. The old saying of “you can’t give from an empty cup” finally hit home. This is the lesson I am hopeful my listeners will receive.

By fostering an authentic connection to myself I saw a deeper connection to those around me emerge.

I began to have the powerful the realization that honoring self is a mirror for our child to learn their own self worth. When we show our children how we tune into what we truly need on a soul level we give them permission to do the same. We become a living example to our children of how to follow and honor their own soul journey while also creating the space to connect with our child on a deep and meaningful level. We open the door to intuitively parent our children by honoring our own intuition. This means we can give our child what THEIR soul needs in the present moment and not just what we are told they need. We create a situation for their soul to thrive and discover it’s true purpose in the human experience, after-all isn’t that what we truly want for our children?

So, my vision is twofold. First I bring healing modalities and conversations to my
listeners in the hope this will help them shift and grow. I offer a place to dive deeper into who we are and how we can heal our past to be more alive in the present. This healing then flows into many areas of our life, including how we parent.

Ultimately I want to help mothers become more connected with their own intuition and inner knowing as a platform for parenting their child in an open and intuitive manner. I want to heal the world by healing ourselves and how we parent our children. I think we can create a generation of tuned in, and turned on children who can follow their soul’s path with confidence and connection.

Courtney Peritore-Montagne

As a home birthing, homeschooling mother of 5, Courtney Peritore-Montagne has learned a little about parenting over the past 16 years. She truly believes we can change the world by raising strong,
conscious, and connected children.

Courtney offers support in intuitively parenting and being with your child. As parents, she truly believes we can tune into and know what is best for our own children. Part of this journey Involves tuning into and knowing what is best for ourselves at the same time. Healing our trauma so we have a clean slate to work form as we move forward.

Courtney started her parenting journey in a remote valley in Hawaii. Far from outside influences and modern technology, she was able to really tune into what her children needed. She had no one telling her how she “should” do it and was free to figure out what worked best for her family and her children.

Courtney now lives in the “modern” world but those years of honoring her children’s unique journey allowed her to continue on the path.

Courtney feels soul called to help the next generation grow into the people they came here to be, not the people society tells them they have to be

January 21, 2021