NUMEROLOGY 2021 – Revolutionary Change

NUMEROLOGY 2021 – Revolutionary Change

We made it! 2020 put us through the ringer, some of us more than others. This has inspired quite a bit of compassion within me.

Can we just take a moment now to acknowledge ourselves and all the places that we have grown and strengthened?

So often as women we have incredibly high expectations of ourselves which makes it even more important to celebrate our wins! Even if you consider them small. After a little celebration and acknowledgement what you may consider a small win can begin to feel like a great accomplishment. So pat yourself on the back, do a little dance, eat some chocolate, or throw a party (on zoom?) and give yourself the credit you deserve! It was no easy feat. 

Now, we can move forward from a more empowered place. We didn’t get flattened in 2020. We gained strength. We gained tools and insight. And now we are moving into 2021- a new year and a new energy. In order to really understand whats coming in 2021, I want to first acknowledge what we just experienced throughout 2020 that has stirred up a deep collective alchemical process. 

2020 was a 4 universal year; a year that required perseverance and steadfastness. 4 represents structures, foundations, beliefs, morals, boundaries, and traditions. The 4 has super strength and there was a focus on doing big work, but the energy dragged as many of our collective foundations crumbled. Of course, in order to build new foundations, we have to deconstruct the old and especially those structures and systems that are outdated and built with values that we no longer align with. We learned to move forward more intentionally with our work and our creations.

The 4 energy can feel restricted and confined and in 2020 we felt more familiar with our own personal boundaries. Whether those were the very physical boundaries of our own homes where we were restricted and locked-down, or if it was our energetic boundaries that we go to know in a deeper way. In the 4 year we gained understanding about where we felt safe, learning about what we are okay with and what is not tolerable.

In other words, there were lessons about how to hold healthy boundaries to keep unwanted energies out, as well as how to not cross our own boundaries causing unnecessary resentments.

We became more intentional and aware of anywhere those boundaries were crossed, whether that was by a loved one, a business partner, a virus, a mandate, or any other outside energy or force. We had to learn how to strengthen and fortify our bodies and our energy. 

Now, with those lessons and this new sense of self, we move into 2021. In numerology this is a 5 universal year and the 5 is all about change. Change? Isn’t that what we’ve just gone through? Well… let me say this 2020 was just the beginning of the changes we are about to see. Those were the foundations of the changes to come.

In numerology we move through 9 year cycles. This year, being a 5, is smack-dab in the middle of a 9 year cycle.

This is the year that we have the opportunities to course-correct and to choose-again.

Collectively our course was set back in 2017 when we began this 9 year cycle. This year, we are able to look back and adjust our intentions and our trajectories so that we are more in alignment, and especially take into consideration all of the new information that has come up in the last couple of years. 

The 5 energy represents change, new ideas and information, communication, experiments, adaptability and independence. Unlike the 4 energy, the 5 thinks outside the box; sometimes wayyy outside the box. This can sometimes lead to mind-blowing revelations.

Recently folks have said that we are moving into the age of Aquarius. Aquarius is similar to the 5 energy. They both represent change and carry the archetypal energy of the revolutionary and the change-maker. In both Aquarius and the 5 year, things move quickly and there can be quite a bit of unexpected rapid change. There can be a movement that changes power structures bringing the power back to the people. It’s a year to hold on to your hats… and do try to enjoy the ride!

Wait, did I say hold on? Not too tight okay? Holding on too tight during a 5 year is going to be uncomfortable. We’re coming out of the chrysalis. We have to let go of what came before. We have to let go of the hard outer shell and open up our wings.

Letting go and living with more freedom and less need to control is going to help us be more adaptable and resilient in the face of so much change.

Resiliency is a superb attitude for 2021. Keep resiliency at the forefront of your mind, heart, and energy and put it into practice.

“We need resilience and hope, and a spirit that can carry us through doubt and fear. We need to believe we can effect change if we want to live and love with our whole hearts.” -Brené Brown

There is a hidden blessing to this new year. 2021 is a 5 year, however the month of January is a 6 month. The energy of the first month of the year sets the tone and in this case it sets the tone to the 5’s changes that are ahead. 6 energy is a loving energy that has the ability to nurture and restore harmony and balance.

Yes!! Love, harmony, balance! These are the types of changes that we want to see in the world! When this 6 energy which is the archetype of the healer or the blessed-mother, is applied to the 5’s energy of change, we, as women, mothers, and healers, will have the super-power boost we need to help make the changes that are most important! This is the silver lining. 

The 6 energy can also highlight our relationships with those who are closest to us and bring focus into the home.

This is a good time to get really intentional about making your home a safe and energizing place for you.

During pandemic times our homes can serve as office, home, gym, restaurant, school and more. Tend to the energies residues that are building up in the home. Soften the edges and bring in the Sacred so that the energy doesn’t get stuck or overwhelming. Clear and claim your space often. You can use intention and prayer or tools like smudging and crystals, whatever gets the job done!

This 6 energy brings some important lessons to us as women. The 6 energy is a care-taking energy. Most of us are caretakers in one way or another, and if you’re anything like me, that can feel very overwhelming at times! There have been times where the thought of another client, another sleep-over, or even another needy touch from my partner, felt like it could be the straw that broke the camels back.

This 6 energy is showing up during this time of change for us to be able to re-work these patterns and habits of codependency, over-giving, and over-extending ourselves. 

Yes, we will be called-on this year to lend a helping hand. However, we are used to this. Many of us are masters of giving, giving, giving. However, the healing energy of the 6 that January is bringing to the year is asking us to re-master our relationship to healing, mothering, giving, helping, and showing up in general.

We are no longer going to be able to do this from a place of depletion. We MUST take care of ourselves first. We must begin to normalize and even ritualize our self-care practices.

Many of us are programmed or wired to believe that to take this time for ourselves is selfish or unnecessary. I’m here to tell you that is More Necessary than ever! There will be plenty of work to do this year as healers, mothers, nurturers, helpers… which is why we need to be sure that our cup is full and we are fully charged for what’s ahead of us. 

2021 is a year of freedom and sovereignty. To be tapping into our highest potential, to access our joy regularly, to claim space where we can feel safe and recharge, to communicate freely from the heart, to show up in our work and to our relationships in full authenticity, IS freedom. This is sovereignty.

2021 will bring opportunities to drop into these lessons and feelings so that we can move from being wounded healers, insecure over-achievers, codependents, and unconscious manipulators to being free authentic beings showing up in loving service to ourselves, our families, our communities and our world. Remember, we are resilient.

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Rev. Colbee McManamon is the owner and founder of Soaring Heart Medicine. As an Intuitive Numerologist, Rev Colbee works one on one with clients as well as teaches Numerology Workshops to participants across the country. A graduate from New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 2001, Rev Colbee has 20 years of experience in natural therapies that include body work and polarity therapy, and health practices such as aromatherapy, herbal medicine and live food nutrition. With several certifications from the Theta-Healing Institute of Knowledge and other energy medicine practices, Rev. Colbee primarily works as an Energy Medicine Practitioner helping people to remove heavy energies and limiting beliefs. Ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies, Rev Colbee brings the Sacred into all of her work by holding a safe and loving container to encourage expansion and alignment through inner work and unconditional Love during group work or individual sessions. Rev Colbee is a Mama and enjoys living in beautiful southern Oregon and loves traveling for both work and pleasure!
January 21, 2021