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Mom Interrupted: A Podcast About Life

The Mom Interrupted podcast is about those important conversations we should be having with one another, but might not have the time for, as a mother. It is a reminder to all the mothers out there that their life journey matters too.

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Your Sex Hormones and Genetics -What You Need to Know Right Now

Jul 11,20by BTRT

What do hormones have to do with genetic disposition?  Well, it turns out – quite a bit. Hormones are chemical …

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Words Matter: Developing Mantras With Kids

Jul 5,20by BTRT

This one is about your kids, but it’s also about you… Because your relationship to yourself, as a parent, matters …

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It’s True: You Might Not Need That Pelvic Exam

Jun 27,20by BTRT

There is so much confusion and misinformation when it comes to pelvic exams: what they entail, what they can and cannot diagnose, and how often they are necessary. In this time of telemedicine, people are surprised to learn that yes, actually, I can do many visits remotely.

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Do You Feel out of Sync With Your Cycle? Here’s How to Get in Tune With the Rhythm of Your Body.

Jun 18,20by BTRT

We understand the seasons outside in nature; winter, spring, summer and fall. We get that there are times for planting new seeds, growth, harvesting and hibernation. It’s all around us BUT it’s also within us. You too need to honour the various seasons of your own life, your energy levels and of your female cycle.

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De-Schooling: Are You Ready to Reimagine Education?

Reimagining education starts with de-schooling. A process often mentioned in homeschooling communities, it’s considered a vital part of the alternative education journey.

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Reflections and Resources for White Allies: On Anti-Racism & Compassion in Action

this week's post is going to be largely dedicated to the topic of we white people doing our damned work. Educating ourselves. Standing up. Being willing to take risks (tiny ones by comparison). And using our privilege to DEMAND better for our brothers and sisters gifted by the universe with more melanin than we enjoy.

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A Letter to Dinah About Birth in Haiti

May 29,20by BTRT

Dear Dinah, I have been thinking about you and all your stories passed down to you from your aunties and grandmothers in the Red Tent. I am on the first part of my honeymoon, volunteering at a birthing center in Haiti.

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Can CBD Help Hormonal Imbalances?

May 22,20by BTRT

So, does CBD help balance hormones? And if yes, which ones? What specific issues can be tackled with CBD? Let’s find out.

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Why Do You Work The Way You Work?

May 18,20by Sarah McCrum

I sometimes feel that coronavirus has put me in a fishbowl with a magnifying glass, where I can observe in …

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