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I Went to the Food Bank for the First Time Today

Jan 2,20by BTRT

I went to the food bank for the first time today, and checked my ego at the door.

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Is the Pill Killing Your Future Fertility?

Dec 10,19by BTRT

It takes a minimum of 3 months (but realistically more like 6-12 months) after coming off the pill to realign your body and hormones, including knowing what the heck is happening with your menstrual cycles, before your body is even ready to consider having a baby.

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Need Help Holiday Shopping: These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

Dec 6,19by BTRT

Each of these products is carefully chosen for value, durability, eco or social impact, and every one of them is something we've tested and enjoyed in our own homes.

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What Motherhood Teaches Me: Letting Go

Nov 19,19by Missy

I have been a mother now for almost 24 years. I have 5 children (and one more on the way) which somehow leads people to believe I’m an expert at this mom thing. Well, I’m not.

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I have herpes. I still have sex. You’re not alone.

Nov 12,19by BTRT

You can maintain healthy sexual relationships, with open communication and not pass it to another person. You can see it as a blessing that kind of forces you to take better care of yourself.

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8 Steps to Break Through Your Blocks With the Power of Intuition

Nov 2,19by BTRT

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. How many times have you resisting growth or change in your life because your Intuition was telling …

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How to Prevent or Treat a Cold

Oct 28,19by BTRT

The cold and flu season is upon us once again. The following is a ton of information designed to help you protect yourself from getting sick this winter – and what to do if your efforts fail.

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Tapping Into Your Inner Healer: Heal Your Body, Heal Your Life

Oct 22,19by BTRT

You have an inner magic that gives you the power to heal all aspects of your life: your Intuition.

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There’s No Such Thing as Prevention: On Risk Reduction & Functional Medicine

Oct 11,19by BTRT

“There is no such thing as prevention,”  declared Dr. Tamara Sachs of New Milford. (A little gasp escapes me and …

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On Birth: A Letter to My Children

Birth is to be trusted, to be raw and exposed and in its own timing. For me, birth is naked and like a dance. We danced beautiful children of mine, we danced on the day you were born, and we all sing: “I am so glad you have come”.

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