Tapping Into Your Inner Healer: Heal Your Body, Heal Your Life

Do you want to know one of the world’s best kept secrets? 

You have an inner magic that gives you the power to heal all aspects of your life: your Intuition.

This sublime inner guidance system is the source of our body’s natural wisdom — and is the secret to genuine healing. The more we learn to live, play, eat and move by our Intuition, the more healthy, pain-free and happy our lives will become!

How exactly does Intuition lead us to well-being?

Intuition moves you into well-being

When you exercise, do you ever get a feeling that your body wants to move a certain or different way? Or maybe that you need to try a new practice to change up the energy? Maybe you crave a good yoga session or a run, or to dance like no-one is watching.

These subtle “wants” are the whispers of your body’s Intuition. This is your secret personal trainer, nudging you into the flow…the flow of healing, energy and vitality. Your Intuition will tell you if your body needs to work out, or rest, or align; it will also guide you to movements that intuitively remove blockages and keep your healthy energy system in motion.

Intuition helps you to make decisions about your personal health

Every day, we ask ourselves questions about our health.

  • What is the best food to balance our physical energy?
  • What is the best kind of exercise to energize us?
  • And, even, what kinds of healing treatments will we benefit most from, right now?

Intuition holds the best answers to questions like these, prompting us with a subtle sense of inner knowing as to what is beneficial, and what is not.

  • Is this holistic practice right for me? 
  • Will this treatment work for me? 
  • Which vitamins or herbs will do my body good? 

Your Intuition knows, even when you don’t. We are all unique beings, with unique prescriptions for health; when you learn to listen to voice of your inner wisdom, you are more likely to choose the best pathway to well-being.

Intuition points you to the energetic source of a physical imbalance

In other words, your Intuition can show you the “purpose in your pain.”

Believe it or not, disruptions in our health have lessons for us, in one way or the other. Unaddressed energetic blocks ultimately manifest as physical imbalance. While this may seem daunting at first, it is hugely empowering – for, when we know the source of our imbalance, we can fix it!

Intuition is the connection to our deepest inner wisdom. 

Through it, we can become aware of the meaningful nature of our health issues and learn what we need to do to heal. It’s no coincidence that your chronic neck pain subsides when you start speaking up for yourself; or that, after ditching that toxic relationship, you finally lose that weight. When you intuitively make positive change in your life, you tap into the underlying life potential that is waiting to manifest — so that you can fully heal and live a happy, healthy life.

5 Practices to Intuitively Unblock, Heal and Rebalance Your Life

Once you understand how important Intuition is for your well-being, you can implement the right practices to allow it to flow into your life. Each person has a different way of connecting with Intuition, so find the practice that is right for you, and make it a routine in your life. The more you work with your Intuition, the stronger it will become!

Energy Medicine: Intuiting Vitality for Body, Mind & Spirit

The basis of energy healing is the notion that we all possess the power to vitalize, heal, and balance our own bodies. All the way from ancient traditions to contemporary alternative health practices, energy medicine has helped us to intuitively understand the body-mind-spirit connection, and how to use it to shift and rejuvenate the body’s subtle energies.

Energy Medicine pioneers, like Donna Eden and her daughter Titanya Dahlin are deeply aware of how these processes are inextricably connected to Intuition. “Intuition comes from our depths but can be reached if we just stop to listen,” says Titanya, an international expert in Energy Medicine. “We are all so uniquely different, so of course we all won’t receive intuition alike.”

As you work with energy medicine in your own life, allow that still small voice to come to you freely. Intuitive guidance often “drops-in” in unexpectedly in the quiet moments – in the shower or on your drive to work. Orange juice would taste really good for breakfast. I should go for a walk on my lunch break.Listen for these little whispers. They hold more power than you think!

Yoga: Getting into the flow of higher consciousness

Did you know that, historically, one of the foundational purposes of yoga was to enhance Intuition? Yoga’s deep history of connecting body and spirit is rooted in the attainment of intuitive enlightenment: healthy body, healthy spirit.

As we practice yoga, or any flow practice, our Intuition guides us, naturally, towards the poses and movements that our bodies need to open us to higher energetic levels.

“Intuition is that inner voice, that inner knowing, that guides you to the right choice or decision in any situation,” says Lauren Walker, author and creator of Energy Medicine Yoga. “It guides me to my next yoga pose during my practice, and my next choice in my life. Now that I’ve learned to hear, and listen to that voice, I completely trust it.”

By tuning into our Intuition during our yoga or general exercise practice, we gain deeper insight into what our body needs and how to rebalance our energy. This healthy state of being sets the stage for not only a life of wellness, but one of growth and the expansion of our consciousness.

QiGong: Connecting Heaven and Earth with Intuition

QiGong is one of the simplest, and most powerful practices to connect our body and spirit. This ancient Chinese practice of meditative exercise works with your Intuition, as you visualize and direct your energy flow towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Best of all, it is low-impact and can be practiced by all people at all ages and levels of physical health.

As we practice QiGong, and turn ourselves over to the movement, we naturally align our energy fields with an open flow of physical and intuitive energy. This process removes the stagnant or blocked energy that causes disease. Through Intuition, we can identify these problem areas, and release the vital energy into the healing process.

Reiki: Healing with your intuitive life energy

Reiki literally means “universal life energy.” As an ancient healing system, Reiki uses the practice of healing hands to intuitively direct our body’s life-force towards balance and wellness. We all have the power to use our innate Reiki energy to heal ourselves.

Have you noticed that, when you hurt yourself, you often instinctively hold the injured area tight with your hands? We intuitively use our “healing hands.” This is just one of the ways we naturally intuit how to use our body’s life energy to heal and repair.

Experienced Reiki practitioners are deeply connected with their Intuition. They rely on their inner guidance to direct the Reiki energy through the subtle channels of healing in all living beings.

Kathleen Prasad, President, Animal Reiki Source, uses her Reiki skills on both people, and our animal friends: “Through Reiki meditation, we learn to ground our energy, then expand our mind, so that our judgements, thoughts and worries can dissipate like clouds floating by. When our mind becomes clear and open like the sky, animals are drawn to us because they can feel our inner peace radiating outward. Intuition is the way we can heal the world around us through our energetic presence.”

Meditation: The healing presence of intuitive being

The final, and arguably the most important, way to use your Intuition for wellbeing is through meditation. To meditate means ‘to cultivate;’ by routinely tuning into the stillness of our inner being, we cultivate wellness, mindfulness, loving kindness and enlightenment.

To heal yourself, and others, you can use the intuitive power of meditation to focus your intent on healing. Using practices like visualizations, affirmations and mantras, you can direct rejuvenating energy to different parts of the body to relieve pain, remove blockages and accelerate the healing process.

The Buddha said: “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” It is in this spirit that we understand how, through meditation, we can use our intention to intuitively manifest energetic change into our bodies.

Meditation links us with the highest levels of consciousness, and from that higher consciousness outpours the sacred, universal guidance that we, in turn, bring into the world.

Regardless of what modality resonates for your healing journey, your Intuition will always be your best guide, your honest teacher and your true north. Each and every one of us can use its power to revitalize our bodies, and trust in its wisdom to lead us to become the healer we are looking for.  

Kim Chestney:

Kim Chestney is an international best-selling author and Intuition expert who has touched thousands of lives by raising awareness of Intuition as a revolutionary next step in human consciousness. Her book, The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential, has been published around the world for over ten years. She is the founder of IntuitionLab, a global school on a mission to empower all people with Intuition.  

For more information on how to know and trust your Intuition, visit Kim Chestney’s website at www.kimchestney.com or visit her online Intuition development school, Intuition at www.intuition-lab.com.  

With Contributions From:

Titanya Dahlin, Energy Medicine Expert, Daughter of Donna Eden

Lauren Walker, Author and Creator of Energy Medicine Yoga

Kathleen Prasad, Author and President, Animal Reiki Source

January 21, 2021