The #1 step to balancing your hormones

The #1 step to balancing your hormones

What’s the first step when it comes to balancing your hormones?

Believe or not, it’s tracking your cycle.  

And perhaps most importantly…..

It’s the first step toward living a life that is in greater alignment with how you truly want to feel. 

Cycle Syncing is an opportunity to understand the fluctuating nature of your female cycle, and how to best support yourself during each phase. Using cycle syncing and working in synchronicity with the 4 phases of your female cycle is a powerful process! 

What RESULTS can you experience from cycle syncing? 

>Your mood will improve

>Your energy & vitality will increase

>PMS, breast tenderness, and painful periods will decrease 

>It can work to reset your body’s natural rhythm 

>It supports healthy ovulation and fertility 

>You may drop inches and lose stubborn weight

>Decreased inflammation

>Your appetite and digestion gets better 

>Sleep quality goes way up 

>Your desire to socialize and get our there in the world increases

>You’ll build lean muscle tissue and tone up your entire body when you begin to honor your rhythms + train in a more targeted way

So how do you do all this?! 

Unfortunately, it’s not something they teach us in school, but it’s information that’s massively needed!

That’s why when my friend and colleague Jenn Pike reached out about her Synced membership, I just knew it was something I had to share with you! 

This membership shows you the exact process of how to track your cycle, and how to honor your body as you flow through each phase using movement and nutrition.  

Pretty cool, right?!

Inside thiprogram Jenn will show you how to train, nourish and move your body with your energy levels and your cycle in mind.

This program will give you the exact method to follow throughout the month, keeping in mind your energy levels, so you can move and train your body in a way that actually makes you feel good! 

What Exactly Is Included Inside The Synced Membership?

>Jenn will show you how to train, nourish and move your body with your energy levels and your cycle in mind. This program will give you the exact method to follow throughout the month, keeping in mind your energy and stress levels, so you can move and train your body in a way that actually makes you feel good! 

>70+ workout videos guided by Jenn, showing you how to move your body throughout each phase of your cycle. These movement videos act as the foundation for tapping into your 4 phases. This is how you’ll become familiar with your personal energy levels, all the while supporting your hormonal balance.

>9 Curated workout calendars created for beginners, intermediate and advanced to follow for your first 3-4 months while you’re first getting used to our Synced style of living & moving.

>NEW our 70+ videos are served to you on-demand from inside of our brand new Membership Site. The videos are broken into 4 categories and sectioned off making it easy for you to navigate. For example, if you’re currently cycling through your follicular or waxing moon phase, you can scroll to that section and choose a workout that interests you. There’s a section inside the membership site for each of the four phases.

>NEW Enjoy live weekly classes with Jenn and other guest instructors and speakers so you never get bored with your movement classes.

>NEW During every season change (4x per year) we run a seasonal full-body reset for all of our Synced members.

>NEW A 7-day meal plan for each phase of your cycle.

>NEW Additional Monthly Masterclasses + AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, where you can drop all of your Q’s! We cover all different topics of hormonal health from period health, estrogen dominance, detoxification, gut health, pelvic floor health, cycle tracking, lunar tracking, and so much more. 

>A step-by-step guide about how to start Cycle Syncing for total body health.

>Learn about the 4 phases of your female menstrual cycle and how to honour them through movement and nourishment.

>A detailed digital guidebook, explaining exactly how to use this program.

>If you no longer menstruate (you are menopausal, post-menopausal, pregnant, breast feeding, OR you’re on synthetic birth control / the birth control pill) there is a section inside the guidebook that will explain how you can track the lunar phases instead. 

>A private Facebook group for community, support and accountability.

>You get LIFETIME access to the program content AND any additions that are added in the future

>NEW More resources and classes are being added each and every week!

If you agree that you’re not really meant to move at the same intensity every single day, then Synced was literally MADE FOR YOU!!  Click Here to Learn more on how to become a part of Synced with Jenn Pike.

Synced is a fitness membership created by my friend and colleague, Jenn Pike. This membership was created by a woman, with your female cycle in mind. Jenn is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Women’s Health and Hormone Expert, Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Yoga, Pilates and Spin Instructor, and basically the queen bee of all things hormone health!

All of the workouts inside of this membership are tailored to suit YOU in where you’re at in your cycle.

The workout videos are only 30-ish minutes long and they are more than 70 videos already in the membership library with new classes added weekly!

No crazy gimmicks or weird choreography. 

Just real workouts created by real women made with your cycle in mind.

Inside of Synced, Jenn will show you how to tap into the powerful process of cycle syncing so you can get the most out of your divine feminine superpower — your cycle.   

And if you no longer menstruate, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or you’re currently taking synthetic birth control — you can still benefit from this membership. 

There’s an entire section inside the membership where Jenn will explain how you can still do this practice by tracking the lunar cycles instead. 

As an educator, Jenn’s dedicated to learning more, adding more content, and elevating the core programming of this membership.

The best part about joining Synced is that you get LIFETIME access to the content and all of the upgrades added from here on out.

Cycle Syncing is available to EVERY WOMAN and this knowledge should be and feel accessible to all. 

Jenn Pike is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor and a Medical Exercise Specialist. She is also a Bestselling author and host of the podcast The Simplicity Sessions.

Jenn specializes in women’s health + hormones. She’s an inspired Mom of two and understands that true wellbeing is a journey to be enjoyed, NOT a struggle to be forced. Jenn aims to inspire you to cut the B.S, and help you to create more Simplicity and Ease in all you do.

March 22, 2021