Vagina Academy

Heal your back pain, bladder issues, diastasic recti, core and pelvic floor by connecting with your ‘inner corset.’

Yes, that’s a thing.

Kathleen Pagnini, pelvic floor specialist will teach you how to...

Lose belly fat, reduce back pain, heal diastasis recti, gain bladder control and have better sex WITHOUT surgery, pills, pads, crunches, kegels or working out like a maniac!

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? We thought so too, but Kathleen Pagnini is the real deal and so we’ve teamed up with her to bring you this life changing 6 week course.


With Pelvic Floor Training Expert, Kathleen Pagnini 

One of the biggest mistakes women make is doing kegels. There is a better way to control urinary incontinence, diastasis recti and other Pelvic Floor problems. You have been led here for a reason… it’s time to heal! This is a NEW frontier for women to balance hormones and heal your body by activating your self healing mechanisms

What is the Vagina Academy?

This is a one of a kind 6 week course to help you restore your core, put an end to pesky bladder issues, get rid of that “mummy tummy”, rid yourself of back pain, and have better sex (we all want some of that)! This is a unique & revolutionary method where you will retrain your brain and body to work together. Finally! A pelvic floor solution that is actually doable!


This is a science based program that uses neuromuscular retraining (imagery and visualization techniques) coupled with anatomy awareness, that will trigger this involuntary activation of your inner core SET. It includes, the diaphragm at the top, innermost and strongest pelvic floor layer at the bottom, thoracolumbar fascia on the sides and back and the transverse muscles in the front.  This ‘inner’ unit, which resembles a ‘capsule’ compresses your guts and internal organs around your spine ‘packing it’ and securing it prior to peripheral movement.  This should happen with your ‘intention’ to move but most of us have lost this innate function due to the way we live our modern lives. 

NOTE: Unless this very important pre-activation happens, you are at risk for hormonal and muscle imbalances, depression, soft belly and back fat, sexual disinterest and function, uneven weight distribution, moodiness, osteoporosis, thick thighs and ankles, flat butt and more!

Restore Your Core And Your Freedom!

Join us on this revolutionary road back to wellness where you will find your corset, and retrain your brain so you can set it and forget it for a lifetime of freedom, youthfulness and vitality! This 6 week course will have a combination of live and video instruction. You’ll be able to ask your questions, get one on one instruction from Kathleen and make deep changes that will enhance your wellbeing for years to come. We think that all sounds pretty amazing. So, give yourself some love and sign up today (because you can’t put a price on not peeing yourself when you laugh… or on having better sex)!


Sign up for the Vagina Academy
$ 198 Single Payment
  • 6 Weeks of Video Classes
  • Group Support with Kathleen Pagnini
  • Bonus Video Content
"I have received more helpful information from Kathleen Pagnini’s class on the pelvic floor than I did from all the medical providers (Internists, OBGYNs, Urogynecologists) in the last 4 years!"
La Jolla, CA

Work smarter, not harder

Do you have chronic low back pain or a persistent low belly ‘pooch’? Have you been told by your doctors to do kegals for bladder control or to ‘heal’ your pelvic floor after having children?

Are your workouts working?

Do you just feel it your gut like there’s gotta be more to health than multiple doctor appointments and scheduled workouts? We think so too and that’s why we’re so excited to bring The Vagina Academy to Beyond The Red Tent! We believe in the power of retraining our brains to connect more deeply with the wisdom of our bodies. We also believe that YOU deserve to feel great!


Sign up for the Vagina Academy
$ 100 Single Payment
  • 6 Weeks of Video Classes
  • Group Support with Kathleen Pagnini
  • Bonus Video Content