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A 13-Month Pilgrimage to Begin or Deepen Your Cycle-Tracking Practice​

If what I talked about in the Masterclass resonated with you, then you are invited to go deeper with an online pilgrimage over the next 13 months to continue your cycle-tracking mastery and Feminine know-how. Please join me!

Haven't taken the Masterclass?

The Masterclass is a 2+ hour intensive online workshop that lays the foundation for the 13-Month Pilgrimage. Attending the Masterclass is a prerequisite for the 13-Month course registration.

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“Each of us carries around those growing up places, the institutions, a sort of backdrop, a stage set. So often we act out the present against the backdrop of the past, within a frame of perception that is so familiar, so safe that is is terrifying to risk changing it even when we know our perceptions are distorted, limited, constricted by that old view.”

― Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Feminism without Borders

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks is a Lost Language of the Feminine ​

It lives deep within you

There is a wealth of information waiting for you to awaken and tap into, put there for safekeeping by our greatest-grandmothers when they were no longer allowed to practice their self-care rituals with their sisters and midwives.

...a secret your body already knows

Chances are, like most of us, you weren't taught how to synchronize with the rhythmic sequence and wisdom of your hormones, yet it's been guiding you all along. Instead, we've all been programed to swim against the current, to fight our hormones, to get away from them, to simply tolerate our moods and all that goes with being a woman. We've been taught that our fluctuations don't make sense, and therefore we don't make sense.

But this isn't true. Your hormonal sequence and it's guidance make absolute sense!

...a monthly body clock and navigational system.

Your monthly hormonal sequence is a monthly body clock and remarkable navigational system that supports you in every way! It's working non-stop. As long as everything is healthy, your body is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing! Now it's time for your mind and actions to align with it. 

It is your greatest teacher.

As a potential "first teacher" of the human race, your hormonal sequence is teaching you how to teach others by example whether you ever have children or not: how to rest, take action, stand in one's truth, and also face chaos. This sequence is a logical, predictable pattern that repeats itself each month. By understanding the four different energy phases that you go through each month and knowing how to find balance when you're feeling off, you'll discover a confidence you've never felt before. 


...a powerful Language to teach the girls

Let's give them a POSITIVE understanding of their hormones to practice throughout their lives!

It binds us in unity.

Together we are stronger by supporting one another.

It connects you with Sisters.

Dive deep into this sacred journey. Connect with Sisters who are on this pilgrimage as well. 

If, over the next year, you could become an expert at knowing how to manage your female body and monthly hormones, once and for all, in a way that makes sense to your day-to-day life, without having to learn or remember the technical aspects of the hormones, would this serve you?

Yes, you already met me in the Masterclass! But as a reminder...

I’m Suzanne Mathis McQueena womb wisdom educator and author of the book 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks.

I'll be teaching, sharing, and supporting you throughout the 13 Muses Pilgrimage. 

Won't you please join me on this journey?

We have a lot of good work to do together. Let's make a difference for ourselves and the world.

Your Presence is Requested!

I'd LOVE for you to be a part of this!

The 13-Month Online Pilgrimage

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) is an entirely different & positive way to understand & experience your hormones.

4s4w divides the cycle month into 4 weeks (or phases), identifying with the 4 seasons, the basic 4 moon phases, and the rhythmic phases of Resting, Building, Expressing, and Deconstructing.   

The pilgrimage will be all about YOU and your journey through your hormonal month, an approximate 28-day body clock.

Let the Muses Show You the Way!

The 4s4w method identifies 3 Muses per week that personify the characteristics of the ever-changing days. Consider them gatekeepers who will shine a light and give you clues as you pass through their section of the path.

The Hormonal Sequence is the Road Map We'll Follow

Each number represents one of the 13 Muses.

What to Expect: Your Journey Begins Here


Before you are introduced to the 13 Muses over 13 months, you'll receive the Welcome module to get you acquainted with the overall format. This module will provide brief videos or other types of instruction in order to set you up properly. :)

The Pilgrimage

The goal of this online odyssey is to retrieve the lost language of The Feminine, the womb medicine living deep within you that connects your approximate 28-day body clock—your natural hormonal rhythm to Nature’s rhythms & the Universe’s vast teachings so that you may walk in your Highest Self & fullest potential. You hold the key that unlocks a treasure trove of beautiful healing solutions for the world.

The Path

Over the next 13 months, you'll move along the path of your hormonal sequence, one section at a time until you've completed the sequence. However, your starting point will depend on what month you begin the journey. Each stopping point is designed to align with an actual month of the year so that you may embody the energy of the season to compare with the hormonal phase you're in.  It's a repeating loop.

The Destination

The destination you'll be seeking is The Sanctuary of the 13th Muse,  the final stop of this 13-month course. Here, you'll finish your Lunar Rhythmic  Handbook and be honored as a Keeper of the Sacred Treasure, empowered, skilled, and ready.  A "4s4w Initiate Level Certificate of Completion" will be awaiting you when all modules and assignments have been completed. Congratulations, Dearest Sister!

Who Are the Muses? Meet the Gatekeepers

The Muses are inspirations who embody the characteristics of 1-3 day sections of the road where the hormonal triggers happen. This will enable you to quickly identify & recognize what thoughts & feelings are to be expected at that particular juncture due to the specific hormonal influences at that time. The Muses will also serve as guides to offer you wisdom, suggestions, & clues to keep you on track for making real and positive change in your cycle sequence comprehension and daily-tracking practice to supercharge your personal power and wellbeing.

A Superpower & 7 Treasures: Tools for Transformation

As you walk along the path of your monthly hormonal sequence, you'll meet a Muse who will hand you gifts in the form of a Superpower and 7 Treasures to inspire your awakening and remembering. You'll be encouraged to document your thoughts about them on your worksheet for your Lunar Rhythmic Handbook, your cycle-tracking reference manual for the future. 

The 7 Treasures: Nature Connect  ~ Sexual Wisdom ~ Golden Thread ~ Portal to Everything ~ Making the Switch ~ Vision Quest ~ Universal Offering

The Muses, Their Months, & Where We'll Begin

Because 4s4w compares the four weeks in a woman's monthly cycle to the 4 seasons, each of the 3 Muses in each "weekly season" also has a corresponding month that she is compared to. So, you will receive one Muse per month & she will be delivered to you at her corresponding month. Because the hormonal sequence is a "cycle", a loop, it doesn't matter where you begin. If you begin in May for instance, you'll begin with May's Muse and the exact place in the cycle where she is. You'll continue for 12 months & The Sanctuary of the 13th Muse will be added upon completion of the twelth.

Your Lunar Rhythmic Handbook

Documenting your experience will be part of the process to track your progress and note your observations along the way. We'll begin with some questions for you to answer before setting off on your adventure. Each month you'll receive a downloadable worksheet to make your notes on. When you reach The Sanctuary of the 13th Muse, you'll collate the worksheets and create a personalized Lunar Rhythmic Handbook for future reference.

Scavenger Hunt: Gathering Your Gaia Gear

Your Welcome Module will invite you to do a Scavenger Hunt for your "Gaia Gear", the supplies you'll need for this Pilgrimage. You're going to need things such as a clipboard, tracking chart, pen/pencil, four shoeboxes, water bottle, snacks, journal, your 4s4w book, remedy bag, period pouch, contraception case, thermometer (if you're also doing temperature tracking), art supplies, eye pillow, and a knapsack to put it all in!  Buy or DIY. 

Your Certificate of Completion: 1st Level Certification: Initiate

Optional: If you choose to complete all module suggestions, you'll receive a "Certificate of Completion" at the finish of the 13-month course. This will give you a 1st Level "Initiate" Certification, which will give you the blessing to include the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks method in your coaching or other practice. After that, you'll hear more about the opportunity to seek an Advanced Certification, and work with Suzanne.

Onboarding & Preparation

After registration, you will be sent instructions on how to access your materials & what to expect. You'll be able to refer back to this module at any time.

Opening Ceremony

Before setting off on the Path, the opening ceremony will help you to begin the process of tuning into your sacred vessel, the medicine bowl you carry within.

Your Monthly Module

In staying in alignment with the solstices, equinoxes, and seasons, you'll receive a new module on the 21st of each month. A follow-up live Q&A will be approx. 1 week later.

Live Q&As

Each month Suz will do a live Q&A approximately one week after the Monthly Muse Module is released. Get your questions answered or share a discovery!


Suz will be bringing in a variety of experts to speak on our current Muse focus. Please see the "Big Topics" below for an idea of what we'll be talking about.

Sister Community

Feel supported by connecting with other body clock Pilgrims! We'll have an online "camp" to meet up at to discuss the lessons, post creations, and share thoughts.


Big Topics We'll Be Covering

Your Rhythmic Sex Drive

Ultimately, the hormonal sequence is about reproduction. Because the womb's conditions are constantly changing, your body's intimacy needs are changing too. We'll go over the differences each month.

Hormones & Cycle-Tracking

After registration, you will receive the Welcome Module. There, you'll be able to download tracking charts and instructions for tracking with the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks method. Having the book is helpful but not required. 

Sex & Womb Healing

Each month we'll explore a variety of sexual topics by bringing in a variety of sexuality experts for some brief interviews. From spicy info to healing trauma, we'll pull back the silk sheets to see what's underneath. 

Rhythmic Wellness

Our lunar-rhythmic bodies also respond well to foods that fuel and digest well during the various phases. We'll also explore the most mindful ways to workout and when by gathering insights from experts.

Self-Care & Indulgence

Self-care and indulgence is all about keeping your cup full so that not only do you stay balanced and healthy, but have plenty to give, which is what we all love to do (or end up doing anyway!). Take care of you first.


Once you get the hang of your rhythmic sex drive, you'll probably want to share this information with your partner. Aligning with your desires is a game-changer with straight couples. Female partners will want to learn how to align rhythms.


Getting out and connecting with Nature, observing her exquisite beauty and fascinating rhythms, listening to her whistling winds and crashing waves is the number one way to connect with your own natural rhythms and monthly body clock. You'll be encouraged to do more of this while on this Pilgrimage. 


Putting thoughts and intention into form is a satisfying and lovely way to begin a day, week, or month. The cycle sequence holds endless opportunities for honoring ourselves,  others, & circumstances. Each month, you'll receive a new ritual that corresponds with the Muse we are studying. 


While we all love our private time, women throughout time have thrived best when supported by other females. Each woman is on her own sacred pilgrimage with her own gifts and challenges. It is important to care for one another & show compassion, especially when we all have different situations.


Finding your center as you move along the hormonal sequence can be tricky. Each month, a "Mindfulness" expert will give us tips and best practices for finding peace in the chaos when we're out of balance. From there, we'll learn how to choose the right balancing tools to move us back to that center and keep us on track.

Mentoring Our Girls

"I wish I had known this a long time ago" is the most common phrase I hear at workshops. We all want the girls to know a better way! The best way to do it is for you to learn the 4s4w method first and then teach by example. Each month we'll have a facilitator give us ideas for speaking with girls about their cycles.


As you practice your rhythmic cycle-tracking each month, you'll find yourself becoming more confident about what you deserve and what you really want out of life. Activism ends up being a natural result of this. You'll find yourself speaking up with less effort and fear (than in the past) for the things you are passionate about protecting.

Who You'll Meet Each Month:

The Muses line up with the season and month they represent. All Lesson Modules will be available on the 21st of every month.

January: Muse 5, The Fun Date

Days 10, 11, 12


February: Muse 6, The Lover

Days 13, 14

Spring Equinox, March: Muse 7: The Goddess

12-36 hr window, generally Day 14 or 15, but varies.

April: Muse 8: The Chalice

Days 16, 17, 18

May: Muse 9: The World Leader

Days 18, 19, 20, 21

Summer Solstice, June: Muse 10: The Athlete

Days 21, 22, 23

July: Muse 11: The Firewalker

Days 23, 24, 25, 26

August: Muse 12: The Ceremonialist

Days 26, 27, 28

Autumnal Equinox, September: Muse 1: The Lounging Queen

Days 1, 2

October: Muse 2: The Visionary

Days 3, 4, 5

November: Muse 3: The Artist

Days 6, 7

Winter Solstice, December Muse 4: The Builder

Days 8, 9

Sanctuary of the 13th Muse

The pilgrimage destination.


When you register for the class, details and links will be sent to the email you registered with. 

The Masterclass is the foundational material for the 13-Month Course and therefore, a prerequisite. 

You are welcome to purchase the Masterclass first, or register and pay for both of them concurrently. You'll still want to get caught up on the Masterclass right away.

Payment in Full: 

  • Cancel after the first module (approx. 30 days), but before the second to receive a full refund. 

Monthly Payments: 

  • Cancel anytime. No refunds for prior months already delivered. whether they've been accessed or not.

As you know, the womb is extremely personal. All participants need to be able to share freely and confidentially on group calls and in the Community Camp without judgement by others. If you agree, please join us! Thank you!


"The 13 Muses of Your Monthly Hormonal Body Clock" Online Pilgrimage




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"This is one of the most important works for women that I have come across. I use it in my personal life (and with my nine-year-old daughter), in my women's circles, and mother-daughter circles. I recommend this system to every woman as a way of connecting not only to her body, but to her sacred feminine spirit, as well."

Amy Bammel Wilding
Author of "Wild and Wise"; Women's Circle Leadership Facilitator

"Your book truly changed my life and as a CEO of a large organization, it's changed how I run my business and lead my team. "

Suzanne Monroe
Founder, The International Association of Wellness Professionals

"Best book on the subject I have ever read."

Emma Brightarrow Bickley
Social Worker, New Zealand

"I picked up this book at a local bookstore on a whim, not expecting it to have a huge impact on my life. To my surprise, every page of it was totally revolutionary...offering me an understanding of femininity that I, personally, had never been exposed to before...I found this system to be spot on. "

New Mexico, USA

"Suzanne has a POWERFUL message - I think we could finally enjoy World Peace if everyone heard her speak! "

Jami Hanna
Women of Vision Ashland, Oregon, Co-Founder


It's time to awaken the Lost Language within you.


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