Grief School

where we learn to walk through the pain, not get over it.

Begins Saturday, November 16th

Your guide, Victoria Markham

What makes me a unique and powerful guide, teacher and educator and now filmmaker is the culmination of life experiences that have tested me down to the core. 

I am someone who knows that in order to guide others, you must go to the depths and back. I have been there. I still, and always will go there. I have been brought to the bottomless pit of grief thinking I would not come out, but against all odds, I did come out.

I have died and come back to life, literally, physically. I have walked through the fire of the court system after turning my father in for sexual abuse, I have buried a child, I have gone through foster care system and  I have known addiction . And lived. Fully.

There is a spiritual hunger deep in our Western culture...

Our cultural norms often exclude the heart and spirit we need to fully experience, embrace, and heal the realities of our lives. Although death is intrinsic in our own lives and the lives of those around us, it has yet to be accepted fully as a normal rite of passage.The pain of being a griever in a culture that has lost the support systems for grief is unbearable in itself... We have been reduced to having one and a half hour sessions in small offices once a week to find ways to deal with our new and unwanted reality. It’s just not enough!!!


"You will be amazed at the tapestry we are about to weave. Pain, joy, beauty, anguish, the unimaginable and the grace."


How this Course Works

This 12-week online course brings an intimate group of people together for the purpose of mutual support through writing. Together, in the midst of our isolation, we will join in community to remember who we are; to delicately weave and heal our true selves through the written word. Together we will share the personal stories, innermost thoughts, struggles, triumphs and deepest understandings gleaned from our journeys. This group is ideal for those in search of sacred connection with a community of grievers.

 Course includes:

  • Access to private Facebook group of participants in this course, our community of grievers
  • Small groups limited to 35 writers
  • 12 weeks of writing prompts
  • A new community to grow with, share with and unfold into as you devote this special time to your own Grief Journey
  • Sharing of my own Grief Journey, and cross cultural wisdom I have walked with.
  • Access to grief and trauma education materials upon request
  • The course starts every month with a new group on the first of the month
  • Further support: Go to my website and sign up for individual guidance - for your own grieving process.
Are you ready to move through grief in a new way?

Why Write? 

There is often a deep need within grief to remain stagnant and stabilize our life force energy. Stillness and holding oneself steady can be a saving grace for the long journey through anguish, but isolation from daily living outside of our homes, communities and relationships wears on us over time. The temptation to reach out and belong again in the world often leads to having to hide our feelings and dampen our grief for others comfort. In our own time, we will be ready to consider life in motion once again, but mostly what we are seeking is to be met, witnessed, and understood within the radical grief we are now a part of. 


Writing in this group will bring the needed community and connection to us, regardless of where we are and regardless of our ability to be out in our culture co-mingling with others who are not on the bereavement path. By writing and sharing with other bereaved people in this group we can truly Journey. We can be honest without the shock or platitudes or advice given by well meaning people wanting us to recover. We can say what we need to say, what we must say: to Life itself, to the ones who have hurt us, to each other, to our God. Writing moves energy and allows  us to develop a relationship with our own Grief Journey and with each other. In writing, we remember ourselves. We can hear the weaving of who we are within our words. We can finally tell the truth. 


GRIEF SCHOOL: where we learn to walk through the pain, not get over it.


  • Private Facebook Group
  • Small groups limited to 35 writers
  • 12 weeks of writing prompts
  • A new community to grow with,  as you devote this special time to your own Grief Journey
  • Sharing of my own Grief Journey & cross cultural wisdom 
  • Access to grief and trauma education materials on request

Our Personal Myths

We tell our stories to bring ourselves into a purposeful convincing whole. As humans, we have been using storytelling as a way of connecting since the beginning of time. Certain tribal peoples believed that without the telling of each person’s individual story, the tribe would not survive and have what they needed to continue the hardships of primitive living. Art, dance, music, and the enactment of one’s story connected our ancestors with spirit and allowed the gods to speak through them. In modern times, our culture has lost the art of storytelling. By telling our own myths and being witnessed, we have the opportunity to bring the fragmented pieces of our lives into a coherent whole. Within that space lie the gifts we have to share with others. Our collective wisdom can then be passed onto the next generation. 
In this 4-week session, we will use writing to create a safe, non-judgmental, sacred circle where we will witness each other’s personal life myths.Unedited, raw, and with the truth of what is it to walk the path of the Grief Journey


Writing Together

This program is designed for those who are ready to be a part of a virtual community of grievers. We will create intimate writing groups with a foundation of trust and privacy. Most important is that we will not be advice giving or feeding back anything but our own relationship to the words we read.Together, in a private and safe container we will denounce silence and confront the pain that lies deep in our souls. We will redesign our lives to carry on anew after trauma and loss, what I refer to as “The Hard Rain.” We will emerge, ready to stand and share our stories. The whole story, unedited. The shadow, the pain, the beauty, the grace, and the fumbling. The messy parts. The parts where we hurt someone else. The parts where we were hurt. Unrefined. The real story is our medicine for the world. Whole stories make whole people. We will come together to grieve openly within a safe container while we learn let go of our lives as we have known them.

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