Introducing Dinah: Empowering Every Woman's Story

dinah Sep 19, 2019

We’ve created Dinah as a pen name for all of us.

For every woman who is desperate to tell her real story, but, for whatever reason, “can’t” under her own name.

In Dinah’s name, we’re about to get very real, and tell the truth, some of us for the very first time.

“Dinah” is a safe space for all women to be universally women and to explore all of the stories we carry and people that we are underneath the layers that we share with the world.

Have you read the book?

Most women have heard of The Red Tent  because they read the bookby Anita Diamant, published in 1997. It depicted the Red Tent as the physical space women used as a menstrual hut. The story, provided a fictional feminist retelling of “The Rape of Dinah” (Genesis, chapter 34), which was biblically recounted not by Dinah, but by her brothers. Diamant, gave a voice to Dinah as well as other women.  We at Beyond The Red Tent have no religious affiliation...

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Letting Go: On the Journey of Miscarriage

My husband and I were filled with hope.  We were pregnant with our first baby, we were on an adventure driving from Southern Oregon with the final destination of Juneau Alaska...For new temporary jobs and a 3 month adventure.  We had rented out our Hawaii home and adventure and hope were in front of us.  

Driving the famous highway 99, “the Sea to Sky Highway”, we watched scuba Divers jump in the freezing Marine Sanctuary, drove one of the most beautiful landscapes we’d seen in a very long time, and stopped at waterfalls and explored a bit of Whistler. My husband was in heaven and I enjoyed watching his excitement as he took photos every chance he got and gasped in enjoyment as he announced what he was seeing (over and over and over again). His love of nature was expressed and my love for quiet, especially 13 weeks pregnant, was honored.  I got a chance to see the little nuances of mountains and waterfalls through his eyes and occasionally...

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Aligning With Your Cycle Rhythm: How it Works

The rhythms...

In the same way that all humans follow a 24-hour Circadian Rhythm (meaning, about a day), we women follow an approximate 28-day body clock, which I've coined a Circamene Rhythm (sur-kay-mena, meaning, about a month). We are lunar rhythmic beings and that’s a game changer and crucial detail to understand for our health, wellbeing, and happiness.

This is womb wisdom: a well-rounded way of thinking, communicating, and bonding. As the human sources of creation, there is very little that is more important than getting this right within the psyches and souls of every woman on the planet whether she ever produces children or not. Within us lives the rhythm of “Source creation” and every human has incubated in it and has been baptized into this world from it.

The 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks understanding of womb wisdom is an easy interpretation to follow and becomes more and more accurate as one aligns more fully with her own patterns.


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The Grief Journey: An Online Writing Course


When my son Koa died and it was my time to grieve, I found that I didn’t know how, and that our culture no longer knows how to support it —that it in fact actively suppresses grieving. As I traveled the world and journeyed within to find my way in grief, I realized that part of my life’s work is to help others find their way in their own Grief Journey.

The Community of Grievers that came together in my own grieving process was one of my most important resources, so the course participants will form a virtual community, sharing their expressions as we move together in a course journey of learning to grieve and heal through honest sharing and personal transformation.

I want to give you a sense of the course and a sense of my approach to grief and bereavement. At the end of the post will be information on how you can apply or contact me for more information.

The Grief Journey course is designed to:

  • Build a non-judgmental community for those who have...
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Hate the Scale? Free Yourself!

Scale~ Love it or hate it? Oh God, my relationship to the scale could make or break my day. The scale was not only a device to weigh my body; it decided if I was worthy of self-love. It decided if I was allowed to have a good day. The scale permitted me to eat or not to eat.

The number on the scale could drive me to tears and crazy dieting.


What’s your relationship with the scale?

You get to choose how much importance you give to the number on the scale.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your relationship is with the scale? Taking time to become aware of how the scale effects your life is the first step to taking back your power from this device.

What happens when you think about hopping on the scale?

  • Does it make your body tense up?
  • Does your mind start racing?
  • What kind of emotional response do you have when you see the number?

This anxiety is a telltale sign that the scale is not working for you. If you crumble...

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4 Seasons in 4 Weeks: Tap into your monthly rhythmic intelligence

If I had known then what I know now, I’m pretty sure I would have turned my entire hormonal experience (every single month since “first bleed”) into a badass, rite-of-passage—something to get better at each time, a pilgrimage into my self-knowing, a daily practice of cycle-tracking skill and a deepening into my genetic & spiritual remembering.

I think I would have loved the bigger picture intention of universal sisterhood and the need for each female to focus and step into her rightful place of honor.

My guess is that I would have enjoyed this martial art of the powerful Feminine that was (and is still) available to me to tap into at any moment of my choosing.

If I had known then what I know now, as an elder I’d probably be decorated with a head full of rewards-for-effort dangling from my hair—dried seaweed strips and tiny shells perhaps, wood pieces, crystals, or stones—one collected for each month of surfing the waves of my own ocean,...

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Who Needs Sleep? Tips for Improving Your Sleep Habits.

After your diet and supplements, the most important things for your health are sleep and exercise.  Both are important medicine.  
Sleep is when we heal.  If you stub your toe in the morning, you repair it at night, during restorative sleep.  Sleep seems to be the ONLY time our brains detoxify; hence that foggy-headed feeling when you don’t get enough deep sleep.
Most of us are sleep deprived; if you need to use an alarm clock, you probably are too.  Make it a priority to get at LEAST 7 hours of sleep per night, but ideally 8 or 9.

Tips for better sleep...

Avoid screens

Avoid screens(especially smart phones, iPads, tablets and kindle readers) in the hour or two before bed or, if you can’t avoid them, be sure to at least turn on the blue-light blocking option on your Apple or android phone or device.  And download the f.lux app onto your laptop or desktop computer to block the blue light on that.


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Meditation: Why Bother?

I was twenty-six when I began meditating.

After two aborted pregnancies in my early twenties, I’d been tirelessly seeking to make sense of my life. I found no acceptable guidance in religion and therapy only helped me feel better temporarily. I was essentially a walking existential crisis when I met Sam. He was the person who assured me that the answers I sought were inside of me. If I sat down, shut up, and listened, I would find them.

That was 1989 when meditation was still an underground enterprise.

Today, meditation is mainstream, and along with that status it has been appropriated for questionable ends. You see meditators in ads for high-end organic bedding promising blissful relaxation. You find high performance consultants teaching meditation in C-suites promising more focused decision making and increased bottom line. Psychologists everywhere teach meditation to their clients to help them self regulate. And destination yoga retreats are the go-to panacea for our...

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The Things We Cannot Change: On Loss & the Journey Through Grief

grief parenthood Jul 31, 2019


“Outwardly, everything appears as it was before, this house, this husband, these children, yet I don’t know what I’m doing here and I don’t remember the woman who created all of this. Who was she and where did she go? Is she coming back?”

(Five Hours, p. 215)



“I just want to get back to my life,” I told my sister, who had called to check in. “I feel so lost!” 

In January, my son Theo had been born with a rare genetic condition and died in my arms five hours later. Now it was spring, blossoms were budding on the fruit trees outside our bedroom window, my husband was back at work, our other boys were at school, the sympathy cards and letters were no longer arriving in the mail every day. Everyone was getting on with life, while I seemed to be getting more immobilized by grief every day. Actually, I was emerging from the shock of Theo’s emergency C-section birth, his stunning diagnosis, and death....

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Postpartum Care & Recovery

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2019

Lets stop focusing on putting out fires and start trying to prevent them!

Postpartum symptoms are common & minimized...

Postpartum, it is very common for postpartum women to experience symptoms like:

  • Peeing their pants while coughing, sneezing or jumping on a trampoline
  • Pelvic organ prolapse (the feeling or sight of an organ slipping down)
  • Sex doesn’t feel the same and is, possibly, even painful
  • Feeling very weak (especially in the core)
  • Low back, hip or pelvic pain
  • Diastasis recti

When you really stop and think about these symptoms, is it a big surprise?

Look at how much the female body changes during pregnancy and then we push a baby out a tiny hole in our pelvis OR have a major surgery to deliver a baby via C-section!!

These postpartum symptoms are common because of the physical demands on the pregnant body, followed by ‘injury’ during delivery. 

Would you be surprised if you tore your ACL in soccer, required surgery and then had pain and weakness...

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