I have herpes. I still have sex. You're not alone.

dinah sexuality sti Nov 12, 2019

It felt kind of like paper cuts on my labia.

It burned when I urinated. It itched a bit. I remember the fever and flu I had around the same time, but I didn’t put two and two together.  I was 20 and I had only just started having sex. This was my second time…

I went into the clinic and they told me something, but to be honest, I don’t really remember what they said.  I think I got a prescription. I think there was something around the importance of using condoms…I  honestly don’t remember.

He said he had been checked for everything and didn’t have any infections.  I was on birth control…

We broke up.

Then, a year or so later, I had my third boyfriend. 

We had been together for quite a while and started talking about the possibility of having sex.  We both felt ready and so, the monogamous relationship took the next step. It was lovely.

  • I felt safe and we were in love
  • We were in college together
  • We met each...
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8 Steps to Break Through Your Blocks With the Power of Intuition

intuition kim chestney Nov 02, 2019


How many times have you resisting growth or change in your life because your Intuition was telling something that you didn’t want to hear?

“That can’t be right. It doesn’t make any sense.”
”That is scary…there is no way I am doing that!”

Despite what we might like to think, Intuition is more than our ‘yes’-man (or woman). And our Intuition will definitely call us out on our BS.

We can lie to ourselves; but Intuition will never lie to us.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Yes, you are going to get sick if you don’t take care of yourself.
No, that diet isn’t healthy for you.

Intuition tells it like it is. And our natural instinct is to ignore it. Or justify ignoring it. Which is the recipe for distress.

When we ignore our intuition we create blocks which serve as a barrier to our growth.


How to use your intuition to break...

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How to Prevent or Treat a Cold

The cold and flu season is upon us once again.  The following is a ton of information designed to help you protect yourself from getting sick this winter – and what to do if your efforts fail.

General recommendations for preventing colds...

Help your immune system to function optimally by getting enough sleep, exercising (but not excessively), managing stress, eating an abundance of raw, colorful vegetables every day, keeping sugar to a low level, avoiding foods to which you are sensitive or allergic and testing for and correcting any underlying nutritional deficiencies.

To prevent a cold or the flu, fruits, vegetables and berries are especially critical

Studies suggest a pound of produce, including 1-2 pieces of fruit, per day so aim for 60-80% of your plate being veggies, with at least half of that raw, every day.  For that reason, the 30 raw fruits, vegetables and berries and no sugar in Juice Plus+ capsules is a proven way to decrease colds and flus.

Several ...

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Tapping Into Your Inner Healer: Heal Your Body, Heal Your Life

Do you want to know one of the world’s best kept secrets?

You have an inner magic that gives you the power to heal all aspects of your life: your Intuition.

This sublime inner guidance system is the source of our body’s natural wisdom -- and is the secret to genuine healing. The more we learn to live, play, eat and move by our Intuition, the more healthy, pain-free and happy our lives will become!

How exactly does Intuition lead us to well-being?

Intuition moves you into well-being

When you exercise, do you ever get a feeling that your body wants to move a certain or different way? Or maybe that you need to try a new practice to change up the energy? Maybe you crave a good yoga session or a run, or to dance like no-one is watching.

These subtle “wants” are the whispers of your body’s Intuition. This is your secret personal trainer, nudging you into the flow…the flow of healing, energy and vitality. Your Intuition will tell you if your body needs...

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There's No Such Thing as Prevention: On Risk Reduction & Functional Medicine

 "There is no such thing as prevention,"

declared Dr. Tamara Sachs of New Milford. (A little gasp escapes me and I'm thinking "Omigosh.  Sacrilege.  'Prevention' is my middle name for Pete's sake.")

Then she does it again:  "Prevention is just a misnomer -- a great idea but you can't always 'prevent' stuff."

I have to agree.

"So," she continued, "whenever prevention 'fails' we blame the patient.  People feel so guilty and say, 'Oooo, I smoked for a few years but quit 10 years ago -- why do I have lung cancer?  There must be something wrong with me.'"

(Flashback to 1971:  My mother, who is dying of cancer, cries often because she said she had "failed."  As a Christian Scientist she believed that, had she had the right thoughts and prayers, she would have healed.)

Sachs continued.  "People get very upset when they do everything right and they still get breast cancer.  'Risk reduction' is really an accurate description of what we, as...

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On Birth: A Letter to My Children

Dear Children...

Giving birth to all three of you was, well how should I put it… absolutely and completely amazing.

All three times I held you in my arms, my sweet new baby,  I said out loud, “I want to do that again.” Like a thrilling helicopter ride over the volcanic lava flow, overwhelming, humbling, exhilarating, and at times intimidating.  Amazing to be in the air, grateful to be back on land. In awe to see your beauty and perfection. Unlike that helicopter ride, after childbirth we gained a new being, a new member of our family, a new delight to get to know and to watch fumble and learn, to hold during times of pain and to celebrate with during times of growth. 

Parenting... what an adventure... from the very first moment. Unlike the helicopter ride, our family gained you: a perfect being, a perfect baby. Even the birth of the one that chose not to stay in body form beyond 13 weeks…. even that birth, as sad and crushing as it was to...

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How Breathing Can Impact Your Growing Baby & Affect Natural Delivery

Is it possible that breathing can impact the position and movement of a developing baby? The answer is YES. Inside our “core” there is an abdominal cylinder that helps us regulate our internal pressure. If that pressure becomes too great in one or more directions, weakness or pain can occur. For example, if we are lacking normal spinal motion, we set our abdominal muscles up to be in an over lengthened position. This can lead to increased round ligament pain, which can feel like a deep, sharp stretching sensation that begins or worsens with movement. 

Read more on Round Ligament HERE.  

Eventually, this over lengthened abdominal position can lead to the separation of the abdominal wall also known as diastasis recti. Without the management of our internal pressure, as the baby begins to grow, a mother is likely to become inflexible in the lower back, which can lead to sciatica, hip pain, pain with sex or even prolapse. This article is not meant to be a scare...

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Introducing Dinah: Empowering Every Woman's Story

dinah Sep 19, 2019

We’ve created Dinah as a pen name for all of us.

For every woman who is desperate to tell her real story, but, for whatever reason, “can’t” under her own name.

In Dinah’s name, we’re about to get very real, and tell the truth, some of us for the very first time.

“Dinah” is a safe space for all women to be universally women and to explore all of the stories we carry and people that we are underneath the layers that we share with the world.

Have you read the book?

Most women have heard of The Red Tent  because they read the bookby Anita Diamant, published in 1997. It depicted the Red Tent as the physical space women used as a menstrual hut. The story, provided a fictional feminist retelling of “The Rape of Dinah” (Genesis, chapter 34), which was biblically recounted not by Dinah, but by her brothers. Diamant, gave a voice to Dinah as well as other women.  We at Beyond The Red Tent have no religious affiliation...

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Letting Go: On the Journey of Miscarriage

My husband and I were filled with hope.  We were pregnant with our first baby, we were on an adventure driving from Southern Oregon with the final destination of Juneau Alaska...For new temporary jobs and a 3 month adventure.  We had rented out our Hawaii home and adventure and hope were in front of us.  

Driving the famous highway 99, “the Sea to Sky Highway”, we watched scuba Divers jump in the freezing Marine Sanctuary, drove one of the most beautiful landscapes we’d seen in a very long time, and stopped at waterfalls and explored a bit of Whistler. My husband was in heaven and I enjoyed watching his excitement as he took photos every chance he got and gasped in enjoyment as he announced what he was seeing (over and over and over again). His love of nature was expressed and my love for quiet, especially 13 weeks pregnant, was honored.  I got a chance to see the little nuances of mountains and waterfalls through his eyes and occasionally...

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Aligning With Your Cycle Rhythm: How it Works

The rhythms...

In the same way that all humans follow a 24-hour Circadian Rhythm (meaning, about a day), we women follow an approximate 28-day body clock, which I've coined a Circamene Rhythm (sur-kay-mena, meaning, about a month). We are lunar rhythmic beings and that’s a game changer and crucial detail to understand for our health, wellbeing, and happiness.

This is womb wisdom: a well-rounded way of thinking, communicating, and bonding. As the human sources of creation, there is very little that is more important than getting this right within the psyches and souls of every woman on the planet whether she ever produces children or not. Within us lives the rhythm of “Source creation” and every human has incubated in it and has been baptized into this world from it.

The 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks understanding of womb wisdom is an easy interpretation to follow and becomes more and more accurate as one aligns more fully with her own patterns.


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